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Sustainability at Cooper Hall

The Cooper Hall Foundation is committed to helping develop and implement sustainable energy initiatives and the grounds have been used as a research centre for designing geo-exchange energy efficient sustainable heating and cooling technology for many years.

Erda Energy’s ( patented directional coaxial geo-exchange boreholes and ground source heat pump technology was first developed and tested in the grounds of Cooper Hall. The original system is still used to heat and cool the buildings and facilities in the Cooper Hall grounds as well as providing a base for continued research and development. To illustrate the impact of this research and development, to date Erda Energy’s geo-exchange sustainable energy systems have been installed multiple superstores and other buildings, providing heating and cooling, as well as refrigeration optimisation. The impact is proven – superstores use 81% less energy, reduce the store carbon footprint by 67% and result in an average cost saving of 25% for store heating and cooling. Erda Energy geo-exchange heating and cooling systems are now being designed for University campuses, housing scheme developments, healthcare facilities, airports and smaller supermarket applications.

The research at Cooper Hall is now being focused on Machine Learning Technology for managing industrial borehole geo-exchange systems, hybridisation of ground-sourced heat pumps with other technology such as solar power and borehole technology improvements.

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