Cooper Hall - Classical Music Venue
Sunday 28th September 2014
The accordion is probably most closely identified with folk music from Eastern Europe and South America, but Martynas Levickis aims to prove that it can make all kinds of music, everywhere.

Lithuanian born classical accordionist Martynas completed his Bachelor of Music degree at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and has acquired all the knowledge and technical expertise of a professional classical musician, but he sees classical music as just one part of his personal mix. “Yes, I want to change the image of the accordion, but I’m also trying to show all the different possibilities I have as a performer with this instrument,“ he explains. 

In 2010 while he was still studying at the Royal Academy, Martynas won the Lithuania’s Got Talent TV show and became a household name in Lithuania, with a starring role at the gala season opening of Lithuania’s TV3 in 2011.  It’s onwards and upwards for Martynas having already performed at the Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall and the Wigmore Hall, he has signed a deal with prestigious record label Decca and recorded his new album. His debut album on Decca, Bohemian Rhapsodies, is a riotous ride through a rainbow of musical styles, all of them artfully tailored and arranged to show off Martynas’s brilliant virtuoso playing. From Beethoven to Vivaldi, Ennio Morricone to Lady Gaga, he takes the accordion around the world and back and forth across the centuries.

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